Complaint: I was a customer of Ga Natural Gas in good standing for 31 years and was on a budget plan of $117.00 per month, My november bill was $176.00 so i called and was told my account had been re assed and that was my new rate which was 1.39 per therm and I had had offers from other gas companies of .47 per therm. I changed companies and then Ga Natural Gas offered me .48 per therm, which they should have done in the first place. I recieved my Dec bill and was billed $351.05 , I called to complain and was told I was taken off the plan I was on and billed full price and a $58.00 tru up charge. I am retired and on a fixed income and for Ga Natural Gas beware of Ga natural Ga.

Tags: Utility

Address: 12260 Greenmont walk alpharetta, GA United States


Phone: 4043914416