Fraudulent Company Complaint


My Complaint: On October 16, 2014 I did an internet search for a Quick Books support contact phone number. I mistakingly found the number of who represented themselves as Intuit support and indicated that the pay monthly subscription option was no longer available and to continue my subscription I must commit to a 3 year subscription for $646.00. As they had somehow locked up my Quick Books access I was anxious to resolve the situation so I agreed to their 3 year subscription, however continued to be charged my monthly subscription fee. I called time and time again, and was originally promised a credit for my monthly subscription, and most recently promised a credit for a whole year, because they told me if they stopped taking out the monthly fee it would interrupt my Quick Books access. I have never received any form of credit and have now determined them to be a fraud, and the credit card company will not let me dispute the transaction as the statute of limitations has passed on this transaction.


My Demand: Full Refund