This was an ‘introductory offer’ drawing you in with an animal coloring book. It arrived with things I never ordered — like small herb plantings & slow cooker powders to add for a complete meal. Well, the herb plants are worth perhaps $1.50 each & the cooking additives are available in stores & at food fairs for about $1.50 – $2.00 each. There was no invoice included or accounting of what was being sent, nor what was going to be charged. I am not interested in the herb plants, so would not have ordered them. I shop for bargains, so certainly would not have ordered these little packets of seasoning for slow cooker meals at $20. each! It’s just ridiculous! They start charging your card right away. Mine was being charged under MED on my statement. | I think these people are getting rich off of unsuspecting purchasers who think they have bought only the ‘up front’ ‘come on’ product, only to become a victim of monthly charges to their credit cards. These people have to be stopped! They’re frauds!

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