Grant Quality Contracting is run by a guy named Micheal Grant. He’s a professional con and a theif. Please be wary of him and his web of lies, almost 90% of what comes out of his mouth is a fabrication. He will play on your sympathies and give you a sob story about how his life sucks, then he will try to gain your trust only to mislead you. He’s a true psychopath. He does some of the most shoddy work I’ve ever seen and he will outright rip you off. I’ve heard stories from people in the industy, he’s a crook and has scammed many people. I’ve witnessed it for my own eyes as hes ripped me off quite a bit and I’ve witnessed him do it to other people as well as heard 5 or six stories of him conning people. He hasn’t been in business for 27 years, he’s been off and on with his own business as he will rip off a bunch of people then flee town only to come back and open up under a new name. .

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