The claims to be the ethical hackers for hire. It is just nothing ethical about what they do to you as a customer.

The website provides escrow service. This is why I did trust them. I hire a hacker. The job included a few different steps. I paid the amount “all inclusive” to the escrow. And my nightmare started.

After the hacker completed the first step (estimated costs: 25% of the full amount), he asked me for additional funds “for the tools” to proceed with the job. And not just a little more. 3 times what I already paid. I declined. If I hire a professional, I expect he has the tools for the job. After that he did not want to proceed with the job in any way without additional funds. He offered me to do even less than we agreed on for substantially more money than we agreed on. There was no way to reason with him, so I offered him to pay only for the first step he delivered and go separate ways.

He insisted on full payment. So I contacted the escrow service provided on this website ( The answer from escrow just shocked me. He told me that the full amount of my payment for the job will be released to the hacker and(!) I should give to the hacker additional funds he asked for to proceed or buy the tools myself for him. I could not believe what I heard. What kind of escrow is that? I estimated that the cost to finish the job at the end will be up to 15 times higher than I agreed to and paid already (if hackers appetite will not get bigger of course). So I did only thing I could do: walk away before it ruined me.

Be aware! The escrow service on this site is not for your protection. It is just meant to make you feel secure and to help the hacker you hired scam you out of your money.

I learned it the hard way. Don’t repeat my mistake by trusting this website!