H. E. P. was call to my home because there was no air entering the master bedroom when the AC unit was running and I was coughing a lot when in that room. The Tech arrived and reconnected the duct line and noted that drain was stopped up and condensation was building up on the duct work. When the second Tech arrived to unstop the drain, he indicated that the insulation was very wet and should be replaced. The third Tech arrived and later showed pictures of the insulation was in terrible shape and gave an estimate of $6,158 to seal and insulate all ductwork or seal and insulate return only for $3,133. I thought this was extremely high. I got a second estimate and pictures and did not tell them i had already had one estimate. The pictures I saw from the second estimate where TOTALLY different from the Tech from HEP. As a matter of fact, the second estimate stated there was nothing wrong with my ductwork except one place near the unit but would be happy to replace all the insulation on my ductwork for an estimated price of $2,500. HEP was not satisfied and sent another AC tech out on 8/21/15 after confronting them about the discrepancies. Again my boyfriend and I where shown the same type pictures of bad insulation and rusted staples and rusty hangers as before. After the Tech left on 8/21/15 my boyfriend crawled under the floor and took pictures himself. He states that the bad insulation does not exist and the insulation on the main line has lines and diamond shapes. The pictures the Tech showed us on 8/21/15 is smooth without lines and diamond shapes. I have come to the conclusion that this company showed pictures of another home that the insulation was in poor condition and was willfully trying to get business under false pretensions.

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