Household Finance Realty Corporation Said they are taking more money from our bank account because we havent payed our taxex.we have always paid our own taxes and insurance ,they have screwed us out of money for years we remortgaged our home years ago and paid 160.00 per week because they said we could pay it off in seven years so when the seven years came they were still taking the payments out of our bank account.I just called our tax office and they said we have already paid our village taxex in June and we get star program so we do not pay a school tax.So this company is now trying to scam us out of money,when we call it is hard to speak to anybody it is a tape.How long is the government going to let this company steal from the public | Househld Finance Realty has been scaming and cheating people out of thousands of dollars over the past years now they are taking money out of our bank account without our permission.saying we havent paid our taxex.The government has to shut this company down,they are scammers and after so many complaints this company is still being allowed to operate.

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