I had to file a claim with them on an Accident i had with my Commerical vehicle. They sent an adjuster out within 48 hours. But then there Adjuster started dragging his feet on the claim and then they claimed it was my responsiblity to make sure i got them the claim. The day after the adjuster came and took pictures i transported the truck to my mechanic. | From that point on it should of been between the adjuster and the mechanic to take care of all of this. Instead i had to do everything and so i wonder why in the world do i even pay a monthly payment if i have to do their jobs. So it took them almost 40 days for them to write me a claim check. | They lied about when they mailed it out ot my 2 times. I asked them to give me another adjuster and they refused. They act like they are the insurance company and there is nothing i can do about this. So they just do what they want to do and when they want to send checks out. | i don’t know of too many middle income people that can handle 40 days until a check comes out for repairs on your only source of income. Never once was I offered the insurance that pays you while your truck is down. | When i checked this company out on Facebook they list themselves as a Finiance company and nothing about insurance. I believe this company to be a total scam and if at all possible stay away from this company. They only want to work with you on having a direct withdraw from you bank account

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