Where do I begin? First, this dumpy little hell-hole only maintains 8 working hours a day…that’s right..you can only check in between 11am and 7pm. nSecond, the condition of the rooms are ABSOLUTELY HORRIFYING! I kid you not..the walls were black from filth..I sprayed bleach on the wall and the bleach left a huge ring of “cleanliness”” surronded by filth. The chairs were wobbly and had some sort of funky nastiness on them. The floors had no less than 10 cigarette butts on them and nasty crumbs from decades ago. The floor looked like doody had been smeared on it. The floor was sticky and the towels felt like sand paper. It smelled like smoke and dookie. We tried to clean it up and spent 3 WHOLE HOURS to no avail. The people who stayed there were disgusting as well. When I told the neighbors about it they said “”what do you expect!”” Some of them lived there and did not even own a vacuum cleaner. It was so nasty we slept in the car and left the next day. nThe next day

we spoke to the person in the office (see you cannot complain if anything goes wrong after 7) and he refused a refund (because you have to pay a week in advance) ALTHOUGH we stayed up all night and slept in the car. I threatened to call the Attorney General on their arses and–lo and behold–they refunded most of my money (they did keep the money for one night–70 dollars!) nJennhatesintownnMemphis


255 Old Hickory Blvd Nashville, Tennessee U.S.A.