On January 28th I commissioned a set of 3 tattoo machines for $500 from Johnny Gault. When asked when the machines would be delivered he said in a weeks time. Shortly after missing the delivery date I contacted him to find out if he shipped them. He explained he was about to but on a hunch he had to unpack the shippment box of my order and “”TEST”” the machines and found there was an issue with one of them. So he explained it would be one more week. Said i would have the machines in my hand on March 19th. March 19th came and went and when I tried to contact him regarding the situation there was no response. Finally I messaged him on his social media page telling him to contact me because i wanted to know when my machines would be shipped since I noticed dozens of machines “”FOR SALE”” and he immediately deleted me from his page so i could no longer “”DETER OTHER CLIENTS FROM PURCHASES””. After asking why he has other machines for sale if he still hasnt sent me the ones I ordered from him. His response was, “”I make two of every order, One to send to the person who commissions me and the other to sell on the web.”” So i said please just send me my machines or return my money. He flat out told me I would NEVER SEE MY MONEY AGAIN because it was categorized as a “”DONATION.”” No Tax ID Number for organizations the money was going to, No name of organization the money was going to. On his Facebook page he now advertises Machines up for sale proceeds go to cancer awareness just weeks after my message to him that our agreement was a “”commission”” base purchase. And now I come to find out there are many others who have been scammed by him and are also filing police reports, small claims cases, as well as BBB reports against him. He is the most unprofessional person who uses the most vulger language and tries to degrade people while doing so. DO NOT DO BUSINESS WITH HIM EVER!

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