I, Mark Kaiser owner of Phillips Gallery (singular) am not to be associated with John Amann in any way whatsoever. This disassocation with John Amann is a direct result of his extreme dishonesty and stealing of paintings from clients through his former gallery, ART A GLOW, Inc., doing business as Phillips Gallery (plural). John Amann has had a very poor reputation wherein he would accept paintings from clients at his previously owned gallery at 336 Worth Ave. in Palm Beach, Florida, and keep the profits for himself. The clients never received money for their paintings. His malicious behavior has tainted the reputation of those surrounding him, including myself. I, as his employer, was also victimized by John Amann, who stole paintings from my gallery, Phillips Gallery (singular) and sold them for his own benefit, keeping the money. His reputation follows him as can be witnessed on the internet with expensive judgments against him. John Amann is a man of shameless character, willing to risk others’ reputations, such as mine, in order to line his coffers with cash to maintain a rich lifestyle. Once again, my reputation and name, Mark Kaiser, and my gallery, known as Phillips Gallery (singular), which is owned and operated by only me, is not to be connected in any way with John Amann and his former gallery and former thefts. I also have a judgment against John Amann for paintings which he has stolen from my gallery. This criminal should be put in jail. If i can help anyone who has fallen victim to John Amann, feel free to call: (((ROR redacted))).CLICK here to see why Ripoff Scams, as a matter of policy, deleted either a phone number, link or e-mail address from this Report.

336 worth ave. palm beach, Florida United States of America

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