Complaint: Beware of John Calub Training Inc. and other seminars where Mr. John Calub speaks. Mr. John Calub has many seminars in the Philippines that teaches people how to become a millionaire. He guarantees that you can make a million in 21 days just by visualizing wealth. He claims that the Law of Attraction will work so you can become a money magnet. Unfortunately, a lot of attendees, including myself, didn’t get what he promised. We visualized but nothing happened. He made a lot of bold claims about financial freedom but he doesn’t offer any proof. He has testimonials from selected people, but what he doesn’t tell is the number of people who did not make money from his seminar. I am so disappointed that I spent money to attend his seminar but nothing happened. I want people to know that Mr. John Calub is not a good business mentor. All he does is make money from teaching people how to make money. It’s pityful because thousands of Filipinos are poor, and yet he takes advantage of them by promising riches after attending his seminars. If his attendees don’t make any money, he blames them, and he says that it’s not in his control. But when one of them makes money, he takes all the credit. What the hell right?

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