The renter is John San-Doh Lok, he gos by John Lok, is renting rooms at West 12 Ave , ( NOTE BOTH ADDRESS ARE FOR THE SAME HOUSE ) , Vancouver bc, canada, v6j2e7, the house he is renting is full of City of Vancouver LAW VIOLATIONS, and full of BED BUG, MOUSE, FIR ISSUES, PLUMBING ISSUES, in fact it is very DANGEROUS just to walk at this house as the ROOF is FALLING DOWN. and full of A lot of other ISSUES. | John will say he is the owner but he is not , he just has limted right to be in the house by a way of family trust or a will. | I rented from him so as others , no less then 8 persons, and not one got any thing fixed, not only that John WILL NOT NOT returned the deposit, he plays all kind of games, and in the past he WILL TAKE ONLY FEMALE IN THIS HOUSE SO HE CAN PLAY HIS GAMES | John San-Doh Lok, IS A FRAUD AND A RIP OFF KIND OF PERSON | Also he did rent the same room for the same time to 2 different parties and kept the money/deposit and rent by making all kind of lies. | Now he is using AIR BNB, and CRAIGS LIST , and other web site to play his games. | John Phone is 604 600 8043 and his E-mail address is [email& 160;protected], and he lives at back of the house , his door is the one to the east. or to the left, by the way his place look like 100% A GARBAGE DUMP 100% | Official reports, and other legal matters are on the way or had been done about this house and John .

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