Complaint: JUANITA PORTER is a MONEY HUNGERY HUSTLER ,slum lord buying houses built in the 1940s foreclosed for under $15,000 and barley putting 1,000 into it. She so cheap and lazy she left 3 hot water heaters in the attic( still there) which caused the pipes to bust the roof to fall tand the floor to rot. She took 3 months to fix this played her no licensed boy friend to fix the place( he pours concrete on the kitchen floor to make it even. Juanita never even put a fire alarm in the home or fixed the rails on the 9ft porch with stairs. On top of all that she allowed groundhogs to completely thrive under the house. I had a 400$ light bill which wasore than the rent which was 250. The hose was built in 1940s it has mold no insulation no pest control and personally I don’t think anyone especially a family would be happy with the home or the slum lord that doesn’t think she has to fix her house because its a low income area. 915 oak lane has major electrical issues and a very bad so called entrupenuer that doesn’t no how to run a effective efficient profitable respectable business. DONT LET THIS SLUM LORD RIP YOU OFF AVOID HER BUISNESS(GREENWOOD AREA 915 OAK LANE ).

Tags: Landlords

Address: 915 oak ln clarksville, Tennessee USA