He did no investigation, no reports he only came to see me maybe 6 times in three years while i was incarserated, I personally paid for an investigator to do an investigation on my case, but i had to pay this attorney for this investigator to aquire the information to prove my innocents. | This attorney took the money $1000 to pay the investigator that found information leading to my innocents, but this attorney kept the money and fired the investigator withholding all the information from me. | Only on maybe 4 occasions he actually showed up at my court casein a three year period. I had asked this attorney to take my case to trial in state and never heard back from him. | I do know that the only way an attorney can keep any of the retainer is if he completes the job, either going to court or a plea agreement which neither one was done in my case by this attorney. | He was discussing details about my case to my family saying that i would get time served and released, but when he came to see me he was telling me that i was facing 10 – 15 years in federal prison so i asked him if he had done the investigation on my case and he said he didnt have the time. | I would never trust this attorney on representing you or ever hire him, he tapped out my bank account and left me broke and doing time for a crime that never happened | And this is only the beggining of the damage he has done to me and my family, he needs to be removed from all legal Bars in the USA, i am not his only victim he has many of them he just wont post it on his website.

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