Sold me a right to purchase home they did not own nor were they agents for owner


My Complaint: I entered into a contract called a right to purchase giving $7500.00 down on a home that was advertised everywhere. Andy and Debbie Williams of Southern Crescent Properties formally Georgia Real Estate Solutions told me they owned the home and bought it off the courthouse steps. I asked for proof of ownership and they said “the county was backed up and it takes a few weeks to get the deed processed when you buy off the steps”. They lied and deceived me to get me to give them my money. I paid them $7500.00 down and 2 payments of $1150.00 before finding they did not own the home and the home was in foreclosure. This is $9800.00 just gone and they cannot sell me the home because it is not theirs to sell. They knowingly committed fraud knowing they could not deliver a product that was not theirs. I located the real owner and found that they were not ever given permission to try and sell this home and it is in foreclosure. My contract lists Southern Crescent Properties as the owner. There is no mention of them being agents for anyone. I went to the police who did do a police report but say it is a civil manner and spoke to the assistant DA who said they do not get a lot of these cases in Newton county but he did not believe it is against the law to sell something you don’t own. I replied to him and said it is fraud to tell lies deceiving someone to get their money. No one will help me. I have 3 others that were taken by Andy and Debbie under their old business name of Georgia Real Estate Solutions. They were all sold right to purchases and the homes went into foreclosure. They strive on offering your Georgian tax payers the dream of home ownership just to pocket money and let the homes go into foreclosure. It would be a winning bet if I bet you they paid no taxes on any of the downs payments they took from the 4 of us. This is wrong and I want help. Is there a consumer attorney that works for the people paid by the state? All consumer attorneys’ I have contacted want a lot of money. Please send advice.


My Demand: They had no right to take any money asking for all $9800.00. I am currently paying all past due monies to remain in the home.