i recieved a phone call stating i was one of fifty peolpe who had won a bahamas trip.then i was offered other vacations at a discount,in which sounded funny but the salesperson directed me to her supervisor in which told me to look on the BBB(better business bureau) which i did and appeared to be legite so after talking to me for about a hour telling me all that i would get for my $538.00 dollars i agreed.the supervisor told me i would be getting a package in the mail within a few days with all the information that we had just went over and my vouchers for my vacations,Needless to say i have not recieved anything in the mail. This company is a rip off,and to just take my money like that is a crime and they should be punished by the law.i hope all other who were ripped off like me,get together and sue this company and maybe no one else will have to go through this.

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