We were evaluating tools to use for campaign management across Marin, Kenshoo, IgnitionOne, QuanticMind etc. | Most people in the industry already know about Marin being too strong on sales. Which now becomes quite apparent as their product is below par and given they are public they need to keep pushing the numbers up, even if it is unethical. | Message from Marin Sales Executive: | I went ahead and got your account up and running. As soon as you are ready, I will send over your login credentials so you guys can get started. I was also able to get approval from my management to give you a couple of weeks for free before the actual start date. That way you and your team will have a couple of weeks of free time to play around with the app before the billing actually starts for the 90 day POC. | We were slow on the processing, the executive gets jittery on the sign up, forces it down on us with repetitive calls and email. I succumbed to the pressure to sign a contract on Nov 5th. | We were not able to add accounts as their software is buggy. We managed to add a small adwords account few days later but couldn’t explore the tool as the account was hyperlocal ad targeting with a small budget. They finally get us up and running around Nov 17 with one trial account. But the tool demo doesn’t happen till Nov 26 – thanks to Diwali in India and ThanksGiving in US – both prominent festivals in respective regions. | After the demo we realise Marin doesn’t have its facebook channel integrated yet. Their adwords & bing are still duplicated and not managed through single campaign interface. Bidding rule engine was naive. None of the features we wanted existed. We decide to not go with Marin in +1 day of demo – i.e., Nov 27. But Marin says that we have to pay for the 90 days whether we use it or not. | Their senior customer success manager tells us we cannot converse further but have to take it with legal. This is clearly a scam on extracting thousands of dollars for fake promises and forced contracts with a login. Marin is a scammy sales company and not a marketing product


  • Name: Marin Software
  • Country: United States
  • State: California
  • City: San Francisco
  • Address: 123 Mission Street, 25th Floor
  • Phone: (415) 399-2580
  • Website: www.marinsoftware.com