My Husband and I have been married for 7 years. We were having some issues, but nothing that I didn’t think that we could get through.He reconnected with Mary, a high school classmate, on facebook. She started flirting and telling him about her lack of a gag reflex. (PUKE). They shared many”Remember When” stories and started to act like two teenagers sneaking around and lying.She is married and she knew my husband was married and we have 2 children together. There conversations grew more graphic in nature they began to send nasty nude photos to my husband. They met in a hotel room in Lafayette on several occasions but claim to have never had sex. (I don’t believe that)During this time she bought my husband a shirt from the city where she lives with her husband, Brookfield Wisconsin . She also bought my daughter some dress up clothes and a Mr. Potato Head pumpkin kit. I did not know where these things actually came from. He hid the shirt and told me that a lady from his work gave the pumpkin kit to him after her grand-daughter died. When I found the shirt and found out where the pumpkin kit came from, I burned the shirt and pitched the pumpkin. || I only found out the truth because I seen an email on his phone with am”I love you” message. That is when I started digging. I found messages, emails, texts, photos. t-shirts, and receipts. I confronted him and he denied it at first. I then called her and she also denied it. I told them both that I had proof and my husband finally admitted it. Mary never has, she has even threatened to have me charged with defamation of character and get a restraining order. I told her that she defamed her own character when she pursued a married man and didn’t tell him to work things out or leave his wife before she started any relationship with him. I have only contacted her twice and on both occasions I held my composure well. I was DEVASTATED. Both of these people acted selfishly and were out of line. If they didn’t want to be in the marriages they were in, they should have LEFT. Now she needs to be exposed for what she has done. I hope she gets what she deserves.