Horrible experience! Took nearly 3 hours for an oil change because they were rough with my van & broke the oil cap! They came up with an excuse saying the people who did the oil change before didn’t put it on correctly. Yeah right. I’ve had several oil changes on many vehicles over the years & have never had issues with a company breaking & inflicting the customer with the charge. They broke the cap, proceed to charge me for it. They didn’t come to my husband to say what happened until it was time to check out.

He sat there for 3 hrs wondering what was taking so long. At least have the decency to come to the customer to let them know what happened & why it was taking longer than usual.They never even asked what kind of oil I wanted in it. Ended up putting the wrong oil in my car!! I usually check the work, check my air & cabin filters, fluids etc myself to see if they need to be changed & they missed checking all of it. Most places will top off the windshield fluid & check the filters. The air & cabin filter did need to be changed, but they never brought it to my attention or asked if we wanted that done.

They said they topped the air on my tires. My van has green caps for nitrogen. I take it to the dealer to get done. They put regular air in my tires without asking. The mgr confirmed they did put air in my tires nor do they sell nitrogen. It was missing one of the green caps after they tampered with my tires. Most places will ask you if you want nitrogen or simply not put air in them & tell you the levels are low. They also damaged the carpeting inside the van on the drivers side where they failed to put a cover down to protect my carpeting & seats. There are black oil footprints all over the carpeting & part of the trim near the floorboard console had oil on it.

Will never go back to this place. Took longer than it should have for an oil change & they charged me for them being rough on my van, breaking the cap, plus inflicted several additional damages to my van.

UPDATE: Called the company at 8am on 9.22 to discuss the issues. They said the mgr, Regan, was not in & he’d give us a call back. Never returned our call. I went back by there 2 hours later after not hearing from anyone, to speak with the mgr directly about the issues. The mgr was on site of course, just avoiding not calling us back. I brought to attention the issues to my vehicle with him. Because of the issues of how long the previous oil change took, them charging me for a part they broke & all the damages to my interior, tires, missing cap, & not doing any of the other routine service they were supposed to do, I told him I did not want them further mess with my van. I did not feel like they would give me a honest service at this point with the damages they have already caused.

However, he ignored my concerns. He proceeded to check the hood of my van. He couldn’t open the hood to my van because he was pulling the on the button that opened my gas cover. He then asked a guy to come over & “help jerk on the hood while he pulls the button” to my gas cover. They continued to be rough with my vehicle until I said something about him pulling the wrong button to open my hood.

Regan tried to remedy the damages to my carpeting by spraying a strong chemical abrasive on my carpeting. It didn’t clean it, only smudged it around. It left my van with a strong chemical scent.

I happened to have my infant in the backseat who started screaming because the scent he sprayed was so strong. Now I have to pay for the damages caused to get the scent & oily footprints out of my carpeting. Regan didn’t even ask me if it was ok to to spray chemicals with an infant in my van. At this point it was very upsetting.

I told him to just please stop doing any further damages. He stopped, said ‘thank you, have a great day’ & stormed away. He was no longer interested in dealing with any of it. He did not offer a refund or offer for someone else fix any of the other issues.

Country United States
State Texas
City Lindale
Address 2714 S Main St
Phone 1 903-882-0919