Complaint: I rented an apartment from these 2 in Janesville, and it was nothing but problems since the day we moved in. They lie, they promise, and they never deliver. We had water leaking from both bed room windows, from the motor and light sockets of the ceiling fan, from the bathroom fan, and from the door jamb going into the bathroom. It got so bad, we could not even shut the bathroom door anymore, it was so swollen. They refused to fix anything. They wouldn’t even come in and look at the damage. Chunks of ceiling started falling on us. When we told them we were moving, after only living there a month, they finally came into the unit to fix the ceiling. But all they came in with was 2 cans of spray paint. After the spray painted it, is was of course still leaking. We even had to move our couch and coffee table because they were getting ruined from the brown water. After talking to others in town, we found out these are the same problems they have been having for years, and they never fix them. People move in and out of these units like crazy. And electric runs about $500 a month, and city hall said that was low for these units. Something isn’t hooked up right, and is draining power like crazy.

Tags: Landlords

Address: 521 Park Rd Madison Lake, Minnesota United States of America