Complaint: My fiancee and I decided to have our wedding at the Mississauga Convention Center in Mississauga Ontario Canada. Our experience was very negative. The coordinators Michelle Goncalves and Connie Santos were our point persons for the arrangements. The two coordinators especially Connie were rude, disrespectful and frankly discourteous and showed a lack of understanding and respect to our parents. We had 300+ guests to arrange for and the coordinators were attempting to peg one family member against the other for there choices. On the wedding day there were numerous gaffes in service and organization. 1. Our wedding was a cultural wedding requiring two seperate entrees. The second entree was served in small bowls enough to servce one person that was expected to be serviced by an entire table of 10. The staff had previously stated that they would ‘plate’ the cultural menu items which was untrue. The manager I had spoken to stated that the bowls would be replenished however this is improbable for a seating of 10 when there is 300 plus people. There lack of understanding and poor effectiveness in delivery emphasizes their poor quality of service. 2. Our wedding had a chicken dish with mushroom stuffing. The chicken was reported by many to have a ‘malodor’ and appeared undercooked for many. This was a disaster for a wedding for which we paid over $30,000. 3. A wedding guest had hair in there food. When brought to the attention of the manager on the night of the event – we were told that the table would be compped. When it came time to pay the balance the manager would not honor the promise. The manager stated ‘how do we know the hair was not from the guest?”. The guest was bald. 4. Numerous guests complained about the way they were treated by the staff. In one instance the significant other of a guest did not show and was replaced by a child. The staff refused to serve the child with food because they were not on the list. Our experience was negative and if we would go back in time we would not have chosen this venue. We would highly recommend anyone thinking of choosing this venue to reconsider. I would highly not recommend taking a chance on this venue location for an important and special moment of ones life.”

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Address: 75 Derry Road West Mississauga, Ontario Canada


Phone: (905) 564-1920