Certain Victory Martial Arts & Fitness is a scam. I attended a few classes and did not sign any agreement of membership. The owners are friendly and nice with customers before the membership is signed but after the sign-up, their behaviour changes completely.

There is a dark side about Certain Victory Martial Arts & Fitness. Memberships get higher on fees and the customer is liable for the debt the company got you into.

Also, you are charged for days you had not trained for.

It is a disappointment at Certain Victory Martial Arts & Fitness to train and to not be treated well.

I observed the school and noticed while training as to how the instructors go about their day training kids. I changed my mind about the place. The charges were not affordable, and their business times don’t correspond to my schedule.

There are 25 kids to one instructor and the room is not spacious.

At Certain Victory Martial Arts & Fitness, you sign a membership contract for three years. You are committed by this contract and will not get off it until the expiry date.

The instructors are not interested in training anyone and are not trained for their jobs. It is fake for the company itself. The overpriced contract is what Certain Victory Martial Arts & Fitness wants from their customers.

They advise you to buy equipment that you don’t need as a beginner. I did not get caught into buying the equipment and I did not sign up for the membership.

Teaching is of no interest at Certain Victory Martial Arts & Fitness they don’t teach professionally at classes.

I do not recommend Certain Victory Martial Arts & Fitness for their shady side of high charges on membership fees.

Instructors don’t encourage training and are not fit themselves to train. I didn’t enjoy the use of facilities and no locker rooms. I will not join Certain Victory Martial Arts & Fitness for the lack of clean facilities, for their dark side of membership fees, being dishonest with customers, for being unfriendly, unpleasant and for the lack of professionalism.

The lack of teaching and communication skill and the worst customer’s service is what Certain Victory Martial Arts & Fitness is capable of. Staff are unskilled and don’t respect the needs of clients.

For the lack of what should the best service for the client as turned out to be the worst experience for children training at Certain Victory Martial Arts & Fitness.

Staff members are not helpful or friendly toward children, they are not informative of the daily classes. The place is not good for children. It is a fake to train children and do this for the high membership fees.

I do not recommend what is not worth to my wallet. The classes are challenging, and kids need more nurturing from instructors. The staff members at Certain Victory Martial Arts & Fitness are not physically active making their exercises less efficient

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