I always loved Motel 6; good prices,clean accommodations and friendly staff. It’s my Go-to place whenever possible.But on my last trip to Motel 6, my love soured. To understand this, we have to look at my next to last stay at Motel 6 – LAX, that’s very close to Los Angeles International Airport. During this stay, I had a minor issue with housekeeping and I took it up with the manager before I left. I didn’t put it on YELP or Trip Advisor. I thought it was resolved. A few weeks later, I made another reservation at Motel 6 -LAX and received a confirmation saying they were looking forward to seeing me. I arrived as scheduled with a friend, but when I went to check in, I was told “the system”” wouldn’t accept my reservation. Was my credit card over-limit? No. So what was the problem? I was told I was on the the Motel 6 D.N.R. list. That stands for “”Do Not Rent.”” WTF!Motel 6 never told me this

even though it had my phone number & email address. I asked “”Why?””

but wasn’t given any reason

only the computer knew

and it wasn’t telling. I asked for the manager