Very Unprofessional!


My Complaint: We had to hold their hands the entire way. Lets begin at the very beginning for its a very good place to start. I bought my girlfriend Justin Timberlake 20/20 tickets for her birthday. After I ordered through them I checked the reviews and got nervous so naturally I started to call and keep tabs on everything from time to time mainly because I paid close to $500 for the pair of tickets. When I did ask the print and ship dates it was never the same answer, in fact one of the guys made a remark about the fact that I had called on a Friday and probably got someone who was trying to leave. Why would you answer the phone if you’re not going to fully help me? No big deal, I can handle that. After I called and they gave me the FedEx shipping number I noticed that the tickets would arrive the day after the concert. I called back and the lady I spoke to said “oh, I have the tickets in my hand.” Regardless of thinking they had already been shipped I let them express deliver them. When I got the tickets they were worse seats. I called back and the lady said they had upgraded me to which I asked how two sections to the right and two rows back was better, after all K (the row I paid for) comes before M (the row I got). I got a bit upset and basically called the lady a 12 year old (not my finest hour and to which I later called and apologized.) They told us they would reimburse us $100 the following Monday which was $92 short of a full reimbursement in the difference of prices but I decided I had been pissed off enough by these people and let it slide. Well low and behold Monday came and past and not a single penny was put back into the account. I will NEVER go through these people again and I bid that you take mine and everybody else’s warning. Everything has been fully documented


My Demand: The $100 back that was promised. (Which is still $92 short of my difference)