Complaint: On dec 4,2012 when I went to look at my bank statement it said I had a charge for 29.95 to a company I had NEVER heard if before oneleaffinancial so I called 1800 number said that it was after hours. So I googled it and realized I was ripped off I have NO clue how they received my information. They just took my money something should be done I am a mother of 5 my husband is currently serving in the us army Snd is over seas I am outraged and will put the word out there and will stop at no end to get my money then done. This is how my bank statement read12/3/2012tZEAL MONEY SOLUT/8884858578 PAYDAY APP LOAN SUPPORT FEE – 28 NOV – M ONEYLEAFFINANCIAL.COM – 1-877-888-2415t29.95There’s the phone number and all I will go to my bank and police if I have to bet outraged! I authorized no such thing from my checking!!!!Crystal sheffield

Tags: Civil Rights Violators

Address: Internet United States of America


Phone: 18778882415