The OneCoin scandal has reached the ears of Hollywood, as there are talks of a movie being produced and starring Kate Winslet. The scandal concerning the OneCoin Ponzi Scheme saw Ruja Ignatova, the founder of the company, defraud customers around the globe for over $5 billion!

The title of the upcoming film has fallen to “Fake”. The picture will be written and directed by popular director Scott Z. Burns, with the financing coming from Metro Goldwyn Mayer. One of the most popular female leads in Hollywood today, Kate Winslet, will take the role of the notorious founder Ruja Ignatova.

The movie is based on an upcoming book with the same name. The book centres around real life Jen McAdamm, a victim of the Ponzi scheme called OneCoin. She and her friends invested $300 000 and lost almost all of it. The book, as well as the film will contain details about both the company and its founder.

Founded in 2014, OneCoin worked a multilevel marketing scheme offering investors the chance to invest in a so called revolutionary digital coin dubbed OneCoin. The Bulgarian company, over the next couple of years, was able defraud investors all over the world for well over $5 billion!

As of yet, Ruja Ignatova is nowhere to be found, while her brother Konstantin Ignatov was apprehended last March of 2019 in Los Angeles.