I would like to agree with everything that has already been posted, it is very accurate. I worked at Yellowstone Hotel Systems/Openbook for more time than most. I was really liked the business model, I knew that Openbook could have succeeded many times. I watched first hand as poor management and bad spending caused it to fail. I came to the conclusion that the only real business that Zack Paul was in was to get investors to give him money. If board members started to see what was going on Zack just lobbied to get them removed. Zack gave stupid amounts of money to developers with nothing to show in return. His favorite things to tell people are “”give me two weeks and it will all be better””. He kept his wife on payroll for well over a year after she was no longer doing anything for OpenBook. The worst thing I witnessed was holding the investors hostage with the threat of BK if they don’t cough up more money to keep operations going. Always with the promise that in two weeks the company will break out and succeed. I hope you avoid doing any business with Zack Paul, he cannot be trusted. .

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