Not returning money after sending rotten vegetable


My Complaint: Anshu Pathak is scamming me and multiple other people with his many different made up businesses. ex), exotic meats, fruit of the month club, vegetable of the month club, cheese of the month club. He has multiple bad reviews concerning the same thing he has done to my husband and I and he must be stopped because he stole our money. The reviews are all about how people ordered through him and would receive an email confirmation that it was being shipped and would either never show up and you couldn’t get in contact with him or it would show up rotten. It is truly sick what he is able to get away with and I believe this man is a thief! Please someone help by searching his name on the internet. You will find so many horrible things about him stealing so many peoples money. Harry and David also sued him for using their trademarked fruit of the month club back in 2008. This is his linked in website to see him and some of his info:


My Demand: All money back and close him down and lock him up