Bone Tactical Review

Gregory Tambone of Fla. is a conman and dishonest and a felon. He pretends to be a veteran to get more worh. He is wanted in Utah . | And he was involved in a shooting in Fla.when he was a juvenile. And not allowed to poss. a handgun. In Utah he was arrested for reckless driving and Rape !! This comes from and the 3rd District Court – Salt Lake City Rape # 161904414 . This is why he is not in the U.S. Felon on the run / Warrant . Failure to provide service Florida


Name: Bone Tactical

Country: United States

State: Florida





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In March, 2017, I ordered a "trial bottle" of anti-aging serum from Juvarelle, paying only shipping costs. There was no "fine print" about it being a "regular" bottle for which I would be charged after 14 days. When I was charged after the 14 days, I made arrangements to return the product for a reimbursement of the $99.74 that I was charged. I returned the product and they do have record of that. In May, I called about not having seen the reimbursement and the representative told me that my account had been closed and hung up on me. I called a different number on that same day and that representative said that she’d take care of it, that she would send it to her supervisor and that within 48 hours I would receive an email from them. No email. In June, I called again and was told the same thing and that my credit should appear within 5-10 days. No credit. In July, I called again and was told, again, that they were making this their "highest p

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Facebook advertisement Clairskin face and ReviveEye cream for trial $ 5.99 and 4.99. Charged on 7/13/17. On 7/28/17 charged $ 89.31. On 8/1/17 charged 87.47 product sent, Same as last one paperwork had no charge .called them to cancel and let them know I was sending product back. I was told I couldn’t and had to pay in full because I didn’t cancel within 14 days. Was told I checked something to that effect. On 8/31/17 charged another time for 89.31. Was told didn’t matter if 2nd shipment was sent , I would still be charged. Was told By representative I would be given a 50 % discount if I continued, asked to speak to supervisor and was transferred to a male gentleman who offered a 35% discount. Told him I was told by the previous rep 50% , he then said 75% if I continued getting product. Asked that they cancel this product and do not sent or contact me. A friend of mine also had the same experience.

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Complaint: This company claims they can legally get people Human Growth Hormone, including the prescription. They get prospective customers to send them a money gram and that’s where it ends. Nothing gets shipped and they do not return phone calls or emails. A complete scam that can cost people thousands of dollars.

Tags: Pharmacies

Address: Internet, Select State/Province United States of America


Phone: 310-855-3527

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PAGEmployment Review

I started working for Eric in January. He asked for my help getting his company back in order. He had suffered a head injury and divorced his wife. Since that time he had stopped sending invoices to clients, screwed up hundreds of employee paychecks, didn’t pay child support for workers, (DHHS kept calling to verify if people were still working, he had no clue). After weeks of begging him to pay attention, focus and when you get a sec, fix my paycheck. He snapped threatening to destroy my property if I didn’t come straight down to collect it. Eric Baxter and Tony Bennett set an ambush and attacked me and my 65 year old father right in the parking lot. We had another witness with us as well. Since then I have been the target of threats and harassment on Facebook and in my home town. He is absolutely drowning without Pam. But he labeled her as abusive because she wanted him to make good choices. His daughter looks at him with what looks like real fear in her eyes. I feel b

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Connie Nguyen Des Maines Iowa Review

Connie of is very rude, loud, dishonest and filthy.Our driver was Connie and she was very mean. She stopped before the Hanauma Bay and yelled at people for not getting out fast enough. Another vehicle took 5 people at a time to Hanauma Bay and came back and 5 more people to Hanauma Bay and my turn was waiting 20 minutes before I was taken from this stop. The mask and mouth piece smelled strange so I asked for change and the driver said he did not have any more. I tried to tell him that I can not use this smelly stuff and the driver said he had to go and just drove off. The equipment was dirty and smelly like someone with a bad breath used and didnu2019t clean it. So, I had to rent my own gear once I got to the bottom. I tried to tell Connie about the smelly gear and that I had to rent my own and Connie raised her voice at me and said u201cWhy you no tell me before?!u201d I didnu2019t want to

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CallMD Review

I had provided medical consultation services for CallMD since their startup and they were good about paying me every month for 5 years ago, then last year around June they just stopped paying me. I continued to provide service for them for several months, when I enquirer about payment they always assured me that payment will be coming. Then suddenly around September they stopped giving calling me with new patients, and ignored all of my emails and calls. At this point they owed me at least $25,000. I tried several times to contact Boris Dobrin, the president of the company. When I did get an actual human to answer, they would say that Boris was busy, but promised that He would get back to me. Of course it never happened. I know that several doctors were stiffed by this company. Personally, I put in a lot of time, at least 10 calls per day for 3 or 4 months, without any reimbursement.

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Food City Clintwood Virginia Review

If you have the misfortune to have to shop at a Food City (if you don’t, be glad!), be careful about grabbing their ValuCard discounted items, or anything that is on a Red Tag “Sale”” that week. You should especially be careful if it’s not an item you use regularly – why? Because many times

Food City actually RAISES the prices of these items when putting them “”on sale”” for their customers!Of course

when you look at the information on the shelf

you won’t see it. They try to make it look like it is actually saving you money. Just don’t be fooled.Let me give you an example. I have to shop at Food City (they make sure that no other major grocer can locate in our town)

and I regularly buy their store brand soft drinks. Because of this

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