We were scammed by Paradise Village Resort and Spa! I HIGHLY WARN anyone who is considering signing any contract with them! The fact that they can lie to your face and not care that you are being completely duped is dispicable, DO NOT TRUST THIS HEARTLESS COMPANY!! My parents were tricked into buying something called Advantage Program, they were told they would have concierge service and major discounts on hotel stays around the word, they were told it would make traveling easy and affordable. They were also promised two free weeks of hotel stays, for signing the contract and joining the “Advantage Program”” the they are now paying 100 dollars a month for the next 5 years for NOTHING! Including a down payment of over 2

000 dollars. We’ve tried calling and using the so called services but they are a scam! The hotels cost more money than if you just book them straight off the internet! There are no deals or free weeks! We’ve tried calling to find out wants going on and we just get the run around

no one seems to be able to tell us anything. We’ve spent hours and hours on hold and still we gotten zero answers. The only information we have gotten is a threat! Paradise Village has said if we stop paying for the advantage program they will take away my parents timeshare (that they’ve already finished paying for

they’re vacation spot will be no more

even though they’ve already paid for it!) no one has been able to give me any answers