Complaint: I had a problem with my vehicle leaking coolant from the lower radiator hose and the radiator and after took it to Pep Boys for repairs but time was an issue so I bought a lower radiator hose and a clamp from Pep Boys and installed it myself. I could not get the leak to stop and asked Pep Boys to stop the leak. Pep Boys diagnosed the problem as a defective radiator which I had purchased from another Pep Boys a couple of months earlier and was told that it was under warranty and would not be charged. I picked the vehicle up later that day and went only 18 miles before the vehicle started to skip so I pulled over to the side of the road and before I came to a complete stop smoke poured from the engine damaging it severely. The vehicle had no coolant and the lower radiator hose was not on. Pep Boys manager Bill Frank said that they would not be liable because I installed the radiator hose which I admit I did and Pep Boys knew that also. My problem is that Pep Boys knew that I attempted to stop the leak and I also paid for a coolant diagnosis check which would have showed the leak and I also paid for a power steering check diagnosis which I was refunded for before I left the store that evening by Mr. Frank who agreed that the power steering check was not preformed therefore giving me the refund. When I called Mr. Frank the next day he insisted that a coolant check had been preformed and that they would not be liable because I installed the radiator hose. I did file a claim in both magistrate and state court losing both times most likely because I did not have an attorney and they did. I would have settled for half the expenses that they paid for the attorney to repair the vehicle but they have attorneys on waivers to defend incompetent technicians and managers. Is there anything that I can do legally like march in front of their store and hand out flyers that suggest that they rip off customers? Danny Lawrenceville, GeorgiaU.S.A.

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