Twenty-two hardworking storeowners – none of whom have ever been convicted of a crime – were robbed and terrorized by a group of Phladelphia policemen. One of the cops, Thomas Tolstoy, raped 12 different women. His fellow officers call him the “”boobs man””. Tolstoy’s partners in slime have invariably covered up his felonies. The aforementioned contentions are according to a plethora of articles appearing in Philadelphia newspapers. As is par for the course, the Philadelphia Police Department has ruled the cops’ actions justified (by default of not firing them.) Tolstoy is the chief executive officer of the ironically named and newly started Public Safety Charter High School, wherein he will have full access to teenage girls without fear of prosecution should he decide to sexually assault them. Tolstoy was even CAUGHT ON VIDEO vandalizing and disabling the video cameras in one of the stores that he robbed. The other police officers involved in the scandal are Robert McDonnell, Jr. and brothers Jeffrey and Richard Cujdik, in addition to hundreds of other cop thugs who helped conceal their crimes. The only reason that these crooked cops’ actions were made public is that city investigator Wellington Stubbs blew the whistle to the media. Naturally, Stubbs was fired in retaliation. Amnesty International recently suggested that Philadelphia’s police department is tied with Pakistan’s as being the world’s most brutal and corrupt. That is not a surprise, given that cops like Thomas Tolstoy are allowed to rape and rob but not be held accountable.

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