DO NOT PAY THESE PEOPLE UP FRONT! | You will see their signs around town with the phone number 314-853-7372. This guy Zach comes across as a genuinley good guy, but the truth of the matter it is a scam, to tell you he can do everything. He even told me he was licensed to build a house! Let me tell you a little bit about what happened to me, and everything we found out about this guy and his company. | My wife and I decided that it was time to update our kitchen. So we decided to give this guy zach a call, and see what he could do for us. He came over and we went through everything, and anything we asked for him to do he said “oh yeah, we can do that. NO PROBLEM” He gave us a quote of $7900. This had to deal with installation of the tile, knocking down a wall, hangin some lights, and painting the cabinets, along with sone other odds and ins. We told him that we would make a decision and get back to him. He then proceeded to call us everyday for a week, pushing us to make a decision, because his guys didnt have any work, and he wanted to keep them busy. We were concerened about the cost of Granite, and the price of tile, considering we had to pick from .99 sq ft tile. Which lefft us very little options. What we were really worried about was the granite. He was telling us it would only be 2000, which was perfect because we wanted to spend 10k on this job. He kept pushing us, telling us, there were plenty of options, and its no big deal.”dont worry guys, you have a few weeks to make that decision”. We said, give us until monday and we will make the decision. He then called us friday, saturday and sunday, leaving the phone call with things like, i dont want to push you, Im just making sure we are starting on monday. I should have went with my gut. | We gave him $4000 up from, which was half of the job. We ended up telling him to go ahead and start. My wife settled on 1.99 tile, which wasnt that bad considering we only have a 200 sq ft kitchen, and zach said dont worry, ill cover that becuase i didnt know it would be that much. ? Now we are on to the granite, we looked everywhere, far and wide, and couldnt find anything. The cheapest we could find was 4500/5000. So of course this was really frustrating. We already felt rushed into a bad decision, and now our biggest fear is coming true. But Zach says, Im sorry guys, Ill knock off 1000 because I feel bad that its that much money, Great!, Meanwhile on day one, he has 4 guys over to the house to knock out one 6 foot wall. Lots of standing around, lots of nobody working. But i didnt think anything of it. The following day was pretty much the same, lots of standing around, not much getting done, These guys showed up late at 10am, and left by 2pm. the first week went by, and all that got done was a wall being knocked over. The following was much of the same, little things getting started, nothing getting done. during the third week we were aksed for more money. I was thinking he just needed some cash to get by. I told him I could get him $500, but he said no I need $2000. WAIT WHAT??? I told him absolutley not. He said he cannot continue without pay. I must tell you, There was NOTHING that had been completed! NOTHING!!!!! Not one job was finished. Our kitchen was in comlete shambles. We had dust covering our entire 2800 sq ft house. There was crcks in the grout. After not paying any attention to the job they were doing, I decided to go through and check their work. Those are just a few things I found. other things like…. | They didnt rip up previous flooring, they just layed it on top of the old stuff. | The cabinets were not sanded at al, yet he tried telling me thats ok, becuase he uses a special paint. (not true, they would peel in a heartbeat) | Tiles were not laid properly, there were terrible buts made, crakced tile. | AFter hiring someone else to do the job, we then found out that this guy did a really shitty job on the simple task of hanging a light. He left open electricvsl boxes in the attic, loose wires, alll while covered in insulation. This could have easily caught fire and burned our house down. After mentioning it to him, he said it was only temporary, yeah right, he had no other reason to go up there!! | I made several attempts to have him fix a couple things (to make up for the money that we were owed) and then we can both walk away. He told me no, and that he was in the RED!! Because he spent so much money on man hours>???? maybe if you and your guys werent standing around that wouldnt be an issue. He also tried to tell me that they were 80% done. That is a far cry from the truth. He might have been 40% done. SO now, becuase of his errors, its going to cost us 13,000 to fix the s**t he messed up. SO DO NOT HIRE THIS THIEF FOR ANYTHING!! Him or his “partner” Tony.


  • Name: Premium Painters LLC
  • Country: United States
  • State: Missouri
  • City: Saint Peters
  • Address:
  • Phone: (314) 4780 – 500
  • Website: