Complaint: I ordered previously from this company with no problems, but as I get my holiday online shopping done, I thought the candles would be a nice gift again for new friends,etc. I ordered, paid for FedEx Shipping and waited almost 1 month to get my order.. As I carefully get the box from my postal carrier, (why did I pay FedEx Shipping I wonder? ) I noticed a jingle like sound from the box.. I open the box only to see that 1 of the 3 canes was shattered and only 1 of the 3 candles was boxed in a small box..there was barely any packing material in the box! I am extremely furious and have emailed the company in hopes to get a full refund as I can’t send back the candles in a box full of glass! I will banter them with emails and phone calls but probably will not get a Full refund if any at all!

Tags: Computer Mail Order

Address: Internet USA


Phone: 310-870-7114