Chauncey Sayer and his company REPLICELL.US came to us for investment capital. We took a close look at Mr. Sayre’s proposal and his background. We found his only experience in operating a biotech company was PRIMEGEN where he was listed as CEO for a very short time. Court records show he had a very unhappy ending with PRIMEGEN and they now have a court judgement in the hundreds of thousdands of dollars against Mr. Sayre. We also found investors who invested in other biotech start ups of his and they never came to be. We found Mr. Sayre to be an un kept closet at best. We found his scientific idea far fetched and his management potential to be laking. We declined to do business with Mr. Sayre. Mr. Sayre and his group have become very angry and vendicive after our determination not to invest with him. He has hired some very scary so called private investigators to stalk us at our home and office. Our lawyers have sent he and his minions letters asking him to stop his libel and slander. .

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