I hope all the rental businesses in York are not like River by the Sea. My wife who has terminal cancer contacted this company in June in regards to renting a house for a week. Karen knows that this will be her last summer and wanted to have a last family vacation with our 4 kids and 2 grandchildren. I have been out if work for over a year taking care of her and we really didn’t have the money for this, but she really wanted it so I took some of our mortgage money to pay for it. Karen was very specific as to what she wanted to rent and told Sue and Hannah that she needed to be on the beach because of where her cancer is she can’t walk far, and that she wanted privacy in a single family home but she would take a duplex as a last resort. Sue and Hannah who come to find out are a mother and daughter team called Karen and told her they found something EXACTLY that she wanted and they needed the check immediately to hold it. I sent the check to them with instructions on a note and an email to their office saying DO NOT cash the check until I know it’s exactly what Karen wanted. They cashed the check on the same day, come to find out the place they found for us was an apartment in a four family tenement building that they call a condo and it was almost a mile from the beach. We never signed a lease we’ve requested our money back. Sue now just hangs up when she hears my voice. She gave me a number for their accountant but that just goes to voicemail and their voicemail is full so I can’t even leave a message. I got the owners name DONALD RIVERS from a friend and got his number through information but same thing full voicemail. I got a hold of the property manager Paula and asked for another number for Donald only to be told he can talk right now because his wife was just diagnosed with cancer. How ironic!!! If anyone can help me get my $1800 back or get a hold of anyone that can help please reach out. James F , (((REDACTED))). THANK YOU!! Jim F (((REDACTED))) Sent from my iPhone

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