Horrific management. Had to cancel our reservation shortly after booking it because someone died at the BSR cable park we were planning on visiting and they closed it down, forcing us to cancel our trip. My wife called and spoke to the manager named Henry who said we will simply not be charged. We even received an email with the cancellation confirmation. Come the day we were originally supposed to arrive, I was charged the full amount that the reservation was supposed to cost, $431. My wife has called almost everyday since the charge showed on my account to get a refund. The manger Henry has told her every time “call back later”” or “”ill call you”” or “”the refund has been processed””. But I have not received a penny and it has now been a month. She is so sweet and never loses her temper with him and he has only taken advantage of that. I will now be taking this to small claims court.”

6201 E Hwy 290 Austin, Texas United States

(512) 428-4494