Cruise line tickets bought, Royal Caribbean, 11/17/10 2 weeks before the cruise it was discovered that my girlfriend’s passport had expired, she was born in Brazil but has been a United States citizen for 20 yrs. (Naturalized) To see if we could still make the cruise we immediately called RC reservationist, who simply asked if she was a “U.S. citizen”” of which we said “”yes she was””. 6 were called over the next 3 days. They all asked the same thing “”U.S. citizen”” nothing asked about Natural or Naturalized citizenship. They said all she needed was a Driver’s Lisence and a Birth certificate and if her divorced name was on the drivers lisence

she would need a marriage lisence and or a divorce decree to show that name. I got the reservationist first and last name and was going to write a letter of acommodation for her

that’s why she gave me her last name. A.P.S.I. form was filled out

for quick boarding

and had all the above info on it