WARNING, don’t buy baked goods from Scozio’s Pastry Shop. There’s a rumor going around that some employees dig bogger and throw it in the process of baked goods. Rude customer service proves that employees’ treatment is not any better. So what makes you think their baked good is free of bogger? Vi Scozio is the rudest bakery owner on the planet of Earth. She uses her family business to sell baked goods thru her family supermarkets. No wonder they can afford to be rude since they don’t have to deal with customers as often. Don’t buy anything with “Scozio’s”” on it

even wedding cakes. I have already filed a complaint with BBB. It proves that they are not the friendliest people. So

I wouldn’t trust Scozio’s who have unhappy employees!!! Stay away from Scozio’s!!! nJanicen..


12681 Rt 30 White Oak, Pennsylvania U.S.A.