On may of 2000 I purchased two pest control contracts from Sears. One contract was for Termite and Pest the other for pests only. After a month of horrible service. Leaving traps without bait and never doing their job and killing rats with sticks we decided to cancel the contract. This is when things got complicated. No one cared as long as the bill was being paid. As a result of being given a severe run around we stopped paying the bill. nThen they started harrassing me with collections calls. Some of the collections people were rude and threatening. Needless to say that I was very unhappy. I finally recieved a refund for a portion of what was charged when I aggreed to start paying again, but they never made any adjustments to the finance charges, late fees or APR like they promised they would. nIt is sad to say but they only cared about getting money out of me. If anything I should be compensated for the trouble they have caused me. They have ruined my credit and as a result I was denied credit when I needed to buy a car. Yes, needed I had no transportation because my car was totaled by a driver that decided to save money by not fixing his breaks. nI was finally approved for a purchase of a vehicle but I am paying a very high percantage rate on it. I don’t believe this is right. I recently asked for my account history and it looks like it was manipulated. Either they have very incompetent people or they are worse than Enron. nIvettenHouston, Texas

www.sears.com Houston, Texas U.S.A.


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