I am a whistleblower and I was attacked in this clinic under the guise of a “medical service.” My eyelids were injected with corrosive substance and got deformed and scarred. I was also infected with severe unidentified infections/viruses that further deformed my face. Disgusting filthy creature, Shalimar Small, that carried out the vicious attack, works in this filthy clinic. It (Small) somehow connected to criminal that run Baton Rouge Police Department and Louisiana Department of Justice. Shortly after I stated to the district attorney of 19th JDC of Louisiana that I will publicize the details of the crime cover-up, I was attacked. Before the attack I never visited any ophthalmologists and rarely visited any medical offices at all. My eyes were flawless and beautiful. Now my chemically burned eyelids are deformed, receded, ugly, and akin to raw meat – the inflicted traumas were so severe that the destroyed tissues won’t heal. When I spoke with an owner of this clinic, another disgusting creature, Holloway, and requested that whatever corrosive substance was injected into me will be removed immediately, it said that Baton Rouge Police Department will come and throw me out of the clinic, if I don’t leave. Be careful as this deplorable, filthy “clinic” is directly somehow connected to dirty cops, dirty judiciary, dirty “politicians” of Louisiana.