Sharon Hawkins Yorkies


My Complaint: sharonhawkinsyorkies are a complete fraud. this person offered me a teacup yorkie princess for 300.00. i told that person that 300.00 was all i could come up with. she said o.k. i will let you have princess for 300.00. i sent them a money gram for 300.00 which a man named emmanuel popper picked up in college park, maryland. i got a phone call from emmanuel popper and was told princess would be on the first plane out tomorrow. well the next day i got an e-mail saying princess would need this crate that cost 630.00 before they could put her on the plane or she could die or get an infection, i was not informed of the crate before i sent the 300.00 money gram,. i told them all i could come up with was 300.00. i asked for my 300,00 back and they have failed to give me a refund. emmanuel is suppose to be sharon’s husband but they have different last name’s. i am beginning to wonder if sharon even exist’s. please don’t get your heart broken and go thru the emotional stress i have gone thru as well as other’s.. they are complete lier’s and scam artist’s. please do not send them any money. you will not get a teacup yorki or your money back, they need to be stopped.


My Demand: refund of 300.00