Never ever do Business with Larry White, or his company Sierra Vista Vegetation Removal & Tree Service. I hired Larry and his crew in the latter part of 2018. I wanted him to clear a meadow on my property that had over-grown and I wanted to remove numerous trees around my house to reduce fire danger and open up a view. | Let’s start with the meadow. Larry had agreed to remove a bunch of logs. He also agreed to spray brush killer on the vegetation so the meadow would not quickly become overgrown again. Despite my numerous requests and his promises to do those things…he never did. | He started to ignore my requests and he failed to return my messages and phone calls. The result was I had to hire a different company to remove the logs. Also, as expected, the brush in the meadow quickly grew back. I had to re-clear it again myself…and then ultimately…I had to hire another company to do it right. | Next, was the removal of trees around my house and the opening up of a view. Again…just like the meadow…Larry and his crew never finished the job. After removing some trees, Larry told me that he was pulling his crew off of my job because he had some clients who needed help due to the wildfires that had ravaged the area. Under the circumstances…I told him that I understood. Little did I know that Larry would disappear for months!! Again…he failed to return phone calls and numerous messages. Again…I had to hire a different company to finish the job. They removed an additional 40 trees and did an excellent job. | I had paid Larry a total of $2187.50 for the work he did. After ignoring me for many months…Larry reemerged and demanded that I pay him an additional $4500 or so. That took some major audacity! Naturally, I refused. Because of Larry’s incompetence, negligence, and very poor quality of work…I was unnecessarily delayed for months…and I had to hire a different company to finish the job. | A word to the wise..Larry charges by the hour. Never pay a company like Larry’s by the hour. They will take their sweet and time and milk you for all they can. Pay a company by the job. That is what I did the second time around. They were fast…and they did an excellent job. (Simonis Tree Service).


  • Name: Sierra Vista Tree Service
  • Country: United States
  • State: California
  • City: Anderson
  • Address: 18506 Lloyd Ln
  • Phone: 1 530-524-4666
  • Website: