I had contacted Skeam about ordering a rare supreme shirt. He had a really good deal with 12,000 followers or so. So I trusted him. He said to paypal the money to him, and he would ship immediately after payment. Well I sent and made completed payment. He was really very nice, courteous and respectful during the whole order process. After I sent he money, some days later I ask for tracking, and he only read my messages and never replied. He totally ignored my request for Tracking. Nothing was ever sent and was my $200 dollars was Stolen From Me. That was very hard for me to come by and a hard loss. Please NO ONE buy from this joker, scammer, lier, thief. He will only steal your money!! IG @SKEAM IG @ MISTADABLLE IG @ SKEAMPLUG DON’T BUY FROM THIS SCAMMER!

Dallas, Texas United States


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