Complaint: I tried to order a ring online and could not so I called. I asked the owner if the ring was returnable if I did not like it and was told yes. I ordered ring off webpage. Was send and did not like, very poor quality. Tried to resolve by switching stone from simulated to real stone. Again, recieved simulated stone of very low quality. Dent merchandise back. Cleve called and insulted me. I called credit card and tried to have payment stopped. Have been trying to get my money back. He has the ring and he has my money. I am going to file report with the BBB, attoreny general, and district attorney. This guy is a scam artist who is selling low quality product as good quality for very expensive prices. save your money and by from a reputable dealer. Cleve will take your money and you will never see it again. Also, credit card company cannot force him to give the money back. I find this whole thing outragous.

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