Hi there. I ordered a Navy blue and white striped heavyweight men’s classic Russian sailor shirt from the retailer Sportsmans guide ON LINE five weeks ago. They said it was backordered. In the picture it is a handsome navy and white stripe, all cotton.n After charging me 29.00 inc shipping, I waited a sixth week only to get a strange piece of garbage shirt. Here’s how I describe it. Weighing all of four oz, a BLACK AND WHITE STRIPED CHEAPLY MADE CHILD’S SIZE SHIRT with white sewn lines all over the neckline. Complete crap and not at all the shirt I waited for which was to be a birthday gift.nSnail mail is sending a return label, I am still waiting for my money back and I think this was a substitution from another vendor that would enrage every one who had ordered the above described ite. Until this company delivers the item shown, expect shoddy overpriced goods. Shop elsewhere.

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