Last summer I used all the money I had to purchase a mobile home, moving cost, and land. I was scammed by Storm Crow Real Estate owner Steve Sharf. I have a title to a mobile home that has been moved and I don’t know where. This man got me for $3500.00 total and caused my child and I to be homeless for three months. I also lost ownership of my three dogs that I have had for 5 years due to displacement. I had a family member to fake as a potential client for some property once Mr. Sharf stopped returning phone calls. At this meeting the cops were called and Mr. Sharf and I went to the city hall to get a document notorized with him agreeing to set us up at a temporary form of shelter until the finalization of the trailor and land. Also on this document he agreed if he could not deliver with in 30days the deal would be forfited and all funds would be returned to me. It is about a year later and this man has disapeared off the planet. If there is any one out there that can dirrect me on how to handle this issue pleas reply. Also to all you home searchers especially mobile home seekers beware of Storm Crow Real Estate and Mr. Steve Sharf.

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