I purchased an airline ticket from the website because I was supposed to study abroad, but for various reasons, I had to cancel my trip and my flight. When I called the company (student universe) to cancel my ticket, they said that I had purchased a non-refundable ticket anst that I would have to recieve a credit; I was a little upset but I agreed. I asked questions to be sure that I would have no problem using the credit, and the customer service rep said that I would not have and problems and could use the credit like money. nA few months later I called to use my credit, and I was told that I could not re-rout my ticket, and that I had to contact NWA in order to get a waiver code/ premission, so that the flight could be re-routed. I contacted NWA and they said that only Student universe could change the ticket. They even told this to a manager at student universe on a three way call. nI was then told by another manager that my only option was to file a claim with the insurance (which was included in the cost of ticket), but when I called the insurance agency, I found out that my insurance had been canced (without my knowledge, asking or premission)the same exact day that I had canceled my flight and agreed to accept the credit, so I would have to repurchase it. nI called more managers at student universe, and finally I was told that I had purchased a “use it

or loose it”” ticket; They did not tell me this information in my first conversation

or the few conversations following. If I had bought a “”use it or loose it ticket””

the customer service rep should NOT have told me that I could use the credit like money

should NOT have canceld my insurance without my asking/knowledge