Do not bring your own mobile home or buy one or rent or lease from Sun communites/Meadows MHP in nappanee Indiana. 1. they will raise your lot rent as much as they can every year. 2. they will give you meaningless violations, If you even give one complaint about another living in the community . 3. you will not have any benefits at all by living in this park. (we have two very small playgounds that is all) 4. they will find some way to charge you more money for anything they can think of. 5. If you call corporate and complain about anyone in the office you will get even more violations. 6. callling corporate will get you nothing they dont care. 7. office staff are poorly trained along with being rude. 8. maintence staff is lazy. 9. if you own your own home and want to move, but they dont want to puchase it from you but they want it to stay on the lot they will mess with you and do whatever little stuff they can to stop you from moving or the home moving off the lot. 10. do not please do not rent, lease or move to any Sun commuites ran Mobile home park or anything to do with Sun communites they are not a consumer friendly company. We made the mistake of thinking they were. We were happy the first 6 months and Now we are trying very hard to get away from them after 3 years.

11 meadows nappanee, Indiana USA

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